Ahmad Bin Majid International School

Flagship Programs

Flagship Programs

ABM is proud of our core programs that support character building and development of leadership skills alongside with strong academic performance.

Early Childhood

ABM’s kindergarten program offers a bilingual environment with both English and Arabic teachers, follows governmental and Cambridge curriculums, and incorporates a variety of activities. They implement Montessori methodology and prioritize character building and values, including religious education, Omani culture, and important values like kindness and independence.

Oman Sail

ABM’s Sports offers a sailing program in collaboration with Oman Sail that focuses on teaching life skills such as decision-making, self-confidence, teamwork, communication, adventure, risk-taking, and responsibility. ABM is hosting the 6th edition of the ABM Sailing Championship, the first of its kind in Oman and across the entire GCC region.

Exchange Program

ABM offers three exchange programs focusing on cultural understanding, collaboration, tolerance, and global perspectives with benefits for both young people and the countries involved. The program includes language learning, internships, exhibitions on Omani culture, and exchange program activities to ensure mutual respect and collaboration among students, families, and educators.

Arabic Reading Challenge

ABMIPS has hosted the Arabic Reading Challenge for all participating schools in Oman since 2009 for private and government schools throughout Oman. ABM initiated the Reading Train in 2009 and continued with the Reading Challenge till 2015 until present day.

Umrah Leadership Program

ABM’s Umrah program is designed to develop student leadership skills and values-education. The annual program includes round-trip air tickets, supervised hotel accommodation, and structured activities cantered around umrah, values and leadership.

Sports & Extracurricular Activities

ABM’s Sports Department organizes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sport activities for its students and staff, lectures and workshops on work/study and life balance.
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