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Student Exchange Programs

Student Exchange Program

ABM's Exchange Programs
The aim of the student exchange programme is to encourage understanding and acceptance of cutural diversities between the people of the two schools, encourage peaceful co-existence, mutual tolerance and best practices in curriculum. Started in 2010 with 14 families from each school, the programme has as of 2019 connected many families. It is in its ninth year. In a normal exchange in Muscat families go about their daily lives and the visiting student experiences the daily routine of the host family including going to school, learning in school, diet and cuisine, daily chores, family gatherings, sports and touring touristic places while respecting the cultural and religious obligations of the visiting student and their families. The families keep in touch throughout the exchange programme. It is common for families to later on visit each other’s countries outside the arrangement of the school. Exchange programmes are gender based with male students hosting/visiting male students and same as true for a girls’ exchange.

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