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ABM students lead charity drive for quake victims- Article in Muscat Daily

Muscat – Students, their parents and teachers of Ahmad bin Majid Private School have shown compassion and support for the victims of the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria last week by responding to a student-led call to donate household items and food supplies for the victims.
It was a school-wide effort where parents, teachers, students and the management came together. The response has been overwhelming. Various items of clothing and household articles poured in over the weekend, brought in by empathetic parents and students who wished to alleviate at least a little bit of the suffering of the hapless victims,’ a statement said.
The mission of Ahmad bin Majid Private School is not just the transference of knowledge, but building leadership skills, while inculcating core values such as understanding and empathy in students.
Najim al Timami, Chairman of the Board, said, “The Board’s commitment to stand with the global community and help our brothers and sisters in this time of need is unwavering. We are proud to see our children and families immediately take action without hesitation. This collection drive has empowered student leaders to take the lead as they collected, categorised, packed and delivered items to be sent to earthquake affected areas. This real-life experience has given ABM students the chance to support the community and fulfil their role as global citizens.
In this time of irreparable loss that the people of Turkey and Syria have experienced, ABM feels humbled to be able to contribute towards this noble cause. ‘Our hopes and prayers are with the victims of this catastrophic natural disaster,’ the board stated. The items donated include 400 blankets and 20+ large boxes filled with clothing, baby products like diapers, powder milk and other items, which will be sent to Oman Charity Organization to be despatched to Turkey and Syria.

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