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Arabic Language Challenge

Arabic Reading Challenge
Student participation in Arabic Reading challenge
The Challenge focuses on students from Years 1 to 12 from schools across the Arab world. The competition runs annually from September to March. In order to enter the challenge, children are encouraged to read books and summarise them in a series of five coloured ‘passports’, with their teachers checking the summaries. Each passport has ten pages, hence children read fifty books throughout the academic year. They then pass through a number of qualification stages at school, district, national and regional levels.
The winning student was awarded a $100,000 bursary as well as a cash grant of $50,000 made to the student’s family. The school with the best reading initiatives was awarded $1 million funding while $300,000 was offered to the faculty member with the greatest commitment to reading. The balance of the funds awarded by the challenge were granted to participating students and schools.

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